The Dorothy Anderson Cabin: Story of a Girl Picker

A little backstory on the historic Dorothy Anderson cabin at Seabrook. Dorothy Antonnette Anderson In 1926, at the age of 19, Dorothy Antonnette Anderson, an immigrant from Nessa, Norway, along with the thousands of other city dwellers, poured into towns along the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway to take a break from the hustle and bustle. […]

Antique Shops and Thrift Stores on the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway

Not sure about you, but when I leave town a favorite pastime is going to local antique shops and thrift stores. Big surprise, I know. 🙂 And to find them, I do exactly what you do… Google Search. The problem with that is a lot of times all sorts of big travel websites come up; […]

Clam Digging on the Hidden Coast in the 1930’s; an Oral History

ocean shores sunset at beach

Clam Digging on the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway in the 1930’s; a Personal Story In April 1990, Harriet Baller, a 48-year resident of Moclips wrote about the trials and tribulations of clam digging on the coast. Upon her death at the age of 90, her stories were donated to the Museum of the North Beach […]

Ocean Shores Fog Festival 1973

guy winning 1973 fog festival race in ocean shores, wa

We live at the end of the USA, on the Washington Coast, where things have always been drastically different than city life on the I-5 corridor. Born out of a desire for fun, just a few decades ago, Ocean Shores was a party town complete with a resident shipwreck (the SS Catala), celebrities (Pat Boone, […]

Judy McVay the Ultimate (Wood Carved) Sign

vintage Hoquiam Fire Engine Copalis Beach

To say that pulling a 16-foot wood carved sign from the attic of an old service station in Copalis Beach took the top spot on my ‘best of’ list, is an understatement. It did so much more; fed my obsession with Washington State history, my love of forestry, brought new friends and family into my […]