Ghost forests aren’t just a Copalis River thang!

ghost forest of copalis beach

In 2018, while moving out here from Tacoma, we met Leo, an old-school used car salesman who long ago peddled hot rods on South Tacoma Way (a legendary cruzin’ strip, back in the day). Long since retired, he owned the scrappy looking former site of Sam Cameron’s Tourist Garage in Copalis Beach, across from the […]

Is the hidden coast scenic byway really a “thing”?

Having spent a lot of time on the North Beach over the course of our lives, it was rather shocking to see a hidden coast scenic byway sign on State Route 109 while house hunting out here in 2018. Not that SR 109 doesn’t deserve the lofty title but — what the heck, how did […]

Sampson Johns: First ‘Modern’ Hero on the Hidden Coast

Over a century ago, North Beach resident Sampson Johns received a congressional life saving medal for rescuing over a dozen shipwrecked men who were otherwise doomed at sea. Can you imagine being a 19th century sailor; far from home on a sinking ship in unforgiving waters, praying for someone, anyone to jump the breakers and […]

Secrets from 1977; Finding Glass Floats on Grays Harbor Beaches

From time to time, we find and buy small hoards of glass floats for the shop. They sell fast and visitors are always amazed when we get into conversations about the abundance of glass floats on Grays Harbor beaches still being found, to this day. If you know when and where to look, you might […]