Events at Ocean Shores, WA September 2019

furvana convention ocean shores

September is a great month to be at the beach and there’s a lot going on in our little Seaside Hamlet! If you’re looking for something fun, different, and/or entertaining to do with your free time this month we’ve got an eclectic mix of upcoming events! Let’s check out these events at Ocean Shores – […]

6 Things Ocean Shores has that Seabrook Doesn’t

farm truck at seabrook, wa

Ocean Shores isn’t the sparkling, Hollywood-attracting destination it once was but it still has a lot going for it when you want to get away to the beach. We might not have the quaint look and feel of Seabrook but we do have beaches you can drive on, a predicted banner crop of razor clams […]

1970’s: Look Back on Ocean Shores, Washington

2020 is right around the corner and it’s the 50th anniversary of Ocean Shores incorporation as a ‘real’ city! If you’re like me, you’ve been visiting off-and-on your whole life and you’ve noticed a lot of changes over the years – at least in some aspects.

The Ultimate Ocean Shores Instagram Moments

shark attack ocean shores

Long before Instagram, Ocean Shores had some of the best photo opportunities on the Washington Coast – and as far as we’re concerned, it still does! Once famous for Pat Boone and a party, party, party atmosphere, many of us still remember fun times climbing around the shipwrecked SS Catala out at Damon Point, the […]