Relocating to the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway – What you Need to Know

Hidden Coast Scenic Byway wayfinding sign

After relocating to the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway, two years ago (from Tacoma) we’ve learned a lot about the area, and especially what it’s like to live and run a business here. As we grind through our first Covid-19 summer on the Washington Coast, it’s abundantly clear that lots of folks are purchasing property out […]

The Dorothy Anderson Cabin: Story of a Girl Picker

A little backstory on the historic Dorothy Anderson cabin at Seabrook. Dorothy Antonnette Anderson In 1926, at the age of 19, Dorothy Antonnette Anderson, an immigrant from Nessa, Norway, along with the thousands of other city dwellers, poured into towns along the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway to take a break from the hustle and bustle. […]

Antique Shops and Thrift Stores on the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway

Not sure about you, but when I leave town a favorite pastime is going to local antique shops and thrift stores. Big surprise, I know. 🙂 And to find them, I do exactly what you do… Google Search. The problem with that is a lot of times all sorts of big travel websites come up; […]

Vintage Seattle: 1960’s Tourist Booklet Pictorial

vintage Seattle original 520 floating bridge

I aim to keep an eclectic mix of fun stuff in the shop so that any given day you might find the beer tap handle you can’t live without alongside gas cans, wood slabs, and windows. And when it comes to vintage Seattle and Washington State memorabilia, when I find it, I buy it! To […]

Clam Digging on the Hidden Coast in the 1930’s; an Oral History

ocean shores sunset at beach

Clam Digging on the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway in the 1930’s; a Personal Story In April 1990, Harriet Baller, a 48-year resident of Moclips wrote about the trials and tribulations of clam digging on the coast. Upon her death at the age of 90, her stories were donated to the Museum of the North Beach […]