Embracing North Beach History 2019 – All ABOARD!

Fall is an exciting time for history lovers on the North Beach! Coming September 28, 2019 to the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino is the much anticipated 5th Annual Heritage Fair.

Brought to us by the stewards of our area’s history; the Museum of the North Beach, you won’t be disappointed. 

All Aboard!

There’s been a lot of excitement centered on the future of the Museum of the North Beach starting with a generous land donation from Ocean Crest Resort upon which a new museum will be built. The ground has been cleared and prep has begun which can be seen amongst the trees just north of the Chapel by the Sea, on SR-109 at Moclips.

But that’s not all — architect drawings have been created and the site plans printed… and guess what else… the new building will be a replica of the original, end-of-the-line Northern Pacific Depot in Moclips. (toot-toot!)

End of the Line

Trains brought thousands of summer tourists to the Moclips station each weekend in the early 1900’s. Before that, car rides were doable but a bit sketchy since without a road, driving the beach from Copalis Beach to Moclips was a requirement. (For those of you from elsewhere, that’s 10.5 miles of driving on sand!)

Moclips Depot circa 1914 from the Museum of the North Beach collection

While trains still ran the rails in support of the logging industry well into the 70’s, passenger trains ceased in the 30’s upon completion of SR-109.

Saving the Caboose

A decade ago, Museum of the North Beach founders were given the opportunity to salvage a caboose. A special caboose, in fact it was the one that came in on the very last train to Moclips. The caboose had been used as a summer home first and then a nightly guest cottage in Moclips for years before owners planned to put it in a fiery grave.

Thanks to people with foresight, before it was burned to the ground, the museum rescued it and a great loss was diverted! For the next decade, the caboose rested well at the corner of 4th and Railroad Ave, under the watchful eye of the Museum’s Board of Directors. All knowing that one day they’d build a forever home for it and the museum.

End of the Line Becomes the Beginning

The museum is currently housed at 4658 SR109 in the former Hewitt’s Frozen Foods building owned by the Ocean Crest Resort who has generously donated its use to the museum since 2003. Knowing this location wasn’t large enough to accommodate more than a small to medium sized collection, dreams for a future location emerged in 2003 which was prior to acquisition of the caboose.

As Lee Marriott explains, “We call it synchronicity.” which is a good word to describe the entire inception and growth of the museum itself. “We’d need something or have an idea such as the vision of the new museum building as a replica of the original and then like magic along came the caboose.” No strangers to this paradigm, one might conclude that this little museum was meant to be! 

The Heritage Fair: Life, Art, and History-by-the-Sea

The first Heritage Fair, held at Seabrook in 2015, celebrated the life and art of Uldine Burgon and other regional contemporary artists; Elton Bennett, Perry Acker, and Walton Butts. In 2016, the Heritage Fair took place at the Ocean Shores Convention Center and featured a retrospective exhibit showcasing 230 historical North Beach Photos from the museum’s Jones Photo collection.

The third annual event, also at the Convention Center, celebrated the historical life of prolific local writer and historian, Gene Woodick who was instrumental in creating the Coastal Interpretive Center, in Ocean Shores. And last year’s theme included a panel discussion with locals, Jim Donahoe and Thorn Ward representing Ocean Shores, Rob Curtright from Moclips, Patrick Hogan of Hogan’s Corner, Phillip Martin from Taholah, and Tom Quigg of Aberdeen recounting lively stories of the area. 

2019 Heritage Fair – Moclips Depot Project

Lee Marriott (L) and Kelly Calhoun (R) celebrating the successful caboose move June 2019

Join talented storytellers and museum curators, Lee Marriott and Kelly Calhoun as they take us on a journey through time that will leave you wanting more at the 2019 Heritage Fair! We’ll watch the fantastic short documentary highlighting the caboose move and learn more about the history of the Northern Pacific Railroad to Moclips, the original depot, and the caboose – from a historical perspective. All while supporting this tremendously important project.

The Fine Print

Tickets include a buffet dinner of baked Quinault salmon, baked herbed chicken, top sirloin, vegetable casserole, and assorted salads and deserts. Silent and live auctions featuring many artistic, decorative, and collectible items donated by the museum and area businesses plus raffles and door prizes! All happening at Quinault Beach Resort and Casino.

Proceeds benefit the Museum of the North Beach to support their mission of collecting, curating, delighting, and educating visitors near and far about the beauty and history of the North Beach.

Tickets: $35 includes dinner – reserve your spot today via email or purchase tickets in advance at the locations below.

*Images courtesy of the Museum of the North Beach – please ask before you copy them 😉 thanks!