The magical history fairy from the Museum of the North Beach recently shared their collection of Ocean Observer Newspapers spanning 1964 – 1987 with us. Granted we don’t have them all, but we have a whole bunch!

Why so magical? Because if you’ve ever tried to conduct real research on the history of Ocean Shores and the North Washington Coast (aka the North Beach) you know…

Google is a black hole of information on our stories!

Now comes the painstaking task (which I very much look forward to) of scanning and sharing what it was like to live here – right from the mouth of my personal hero, Bob Ward. Bob was the first PR guy and party planner extraordinaire who literally ignited the fun-filled culture Ocean Shores still enjoys today.

With a background as a reporter for the Seattle Post Intelligencer Bob started two papers when he arrived in the 60’s. First, The Sand Paper which was eventually absorbed by his second newspaper, The Ocean Observer.

Bob left to instigate fun down south (Oregon) in the mid-70’s but his legacy continues as does The Ocean Observer, our local paper that’s distributed to all property owners who are also members of the Ocean Shores Community Club.


October 2, 1964 Vol 1 No. 8 – Headline: Plan National Bank for North Beach Area

October 16, 1964 Vol. 1 No. 10Headline: Sagging Quinault Bridge Repaired; Aloha Trucks Resume Log Hauls

March 14, 1973Headline: Sun Ruins Fog Fest as Usual