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Sooz Cool Vintage Stuff Foster Program

old cast iron flying pig bank

Cool vintage stuff sometimes turns into “dilemma time” for those of us trying to make a living as sellers – not collectors!

I’ll tell you firsthand it’s particularly difficult to resist when you stumble upon a dream pick. Which by definition includes all the essentials; a five minute drive, invitation-only (aka no competition), and TONS of cool vintage stuff being sold by a family member, not the collector. It doesn’t get much better than that unless you get a “come back anytime,” when saying good-byes at the end of several fun filled hours. Needless to say, the one I went on recently was a treasure trove and I’ll be back!

Honestly, most of the cool vintage stuff or rusty gold I find isn’t my jam because I’m not looking for me, I’m looking for you. So, it’s easy to put everything directly into the shop. That said, once in a blue moon I come across something for me but that’s rare. What happens more often is foster care.

Cool Vintage Stuff Foster Program

Wrigley the Boxer


Wrigley the Boxer

I spend a lot of time picking. You kind of have to if you’re trying to make a living at it. I’m on the road with my trusty sidekick, Wrigley at least once or twice a week usually all day with multiple stops. No joke.

Yes, I have to practice restraint when doing my job so that I’m not becoming a collector in the process. Don’t get me wrong, I like certain things but I also like my job and having food in the dog bowl so it never gets out of control.

Mostly it’s easy to resist collecting too much. Sometimes it’s not, which is why I created a foster program. Basically, once every couple months, especially after a great pick there might be a piece that enters my collection temporarily.

Like I said it’s not that often and a lot of times it’s yard art but occasionally, the item will take space in the living room until I’m ready to sell.

That last “dream pick” netted THREE new foster care items. Maybe that’s how to measure how great a pick is?!

1. 1959 Ford Fairlane Tin Wagon

2. Nylint Truck with Canopy

3. Smokey the Bear Antenna Topper

Smoke the Bear antenna topper

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