Not your ordinary antique shop.

Sooz Rusty Nail is where the best junk comes to be found! We’re on the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway — find us if you can!

You may notice — things are a bit different here on the north beach

We’re a little more laid back which is aided by the world-class scenery and legendary sunsets. But at our core, the Hidden Coast remains generously coated in a gritty, survival-driven, life-well-lived, viva la independence, wild-west history that’s reflective of what it takes to live at the ocean’s edge! In opening the shop, our plan was always to bring in good junk, price it to sell, and create fun experiences — ‘cuz we think if you made the trek, the least we can do is teach you a thing or two about the history or help you find clues to the hidden adventures along the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway!

I mean, that’s what makes a getaway more memorable, right?!

Stay. Play. Explore.

Sooz Rusty Nail

We're on the Washington Coast


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