Judy McVay the Ultimate (Wood Carved) Sign

vintage Hoquiam Fire Engine Copalis Beach

To say that pulling a 16-foot wood carved sign from the attic of an old service station in Copalis Beach took the top spot on my ‘best of’ list, is an understatement. It did so much more; fed my obsession with Washington State history, my love of forestry, brought new friends and family into my […]

Sooz Cool Vintage Stuff Foster Program

old cast iron flying pig bank

Cool vintage stuff sometimes turns into “dilemma time” for those of us trying to make a living as sellers – not collectors! I’ll tell you firsthand it’s particularly difficult to resist when you stumble upon a dream pick. Which by definition includes all the essentials; a five minute drive, invitation-only (aka no competition), and TONS […]

Ocean Shores 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Celebration

welcome to ocean shores sign judy mcvay

On November 3, 1970 by special election and signed off by former Washington Secretary of State Ludlow Kramer, the community of Ocean Shores became a certified city. As such, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Ocean Shores’ cityhood. Anniversary events will begin with a kick-off celebration recognizing the Welcome to Ocean Shores sign, erected 20 […]

9 Hidden Art Pieces in Aberdeen, WA

aberdeen, ,Wa art campbell's soup can

I suppose there’s always been hidden art in Aberdeen that goes unseen while passing through en route to the beach. Now that I live here, it is interesting to notice the art as I drive in and out of Grays Harbor on my way to work, picking. In my world, Aberdeen has been affectionately renamed […]

Events at Ocean Shores, WA September 2019

furvana convention ocean shores

September is a great month to be at the beach and there’s a lot going on in our little Seaside Hamlet! If you’re looking for something fun, different, and/or entertaining to do with your free time this month we’ve got an eclectic mix of upcoming events! Let’s check out these events at Ocean Shores – […]