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Welcome to Washington State Route 109: Hoquiam, Ocean Shores, Ocean City, Copalis Beach, Seabrook, Pacific Beach, Moclips and Taholah!

1. Is the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway really a "thing"?

Yes. No. Kinda-sorta. Well, actually — some of it is but then other parts aren’t. Read more to get the full story.

4. Over the river and through the woods — at .5 MPH?!

In 1883, Charles and Sarah Willoughby, and their young children moved from Pt. Townsend to Taholah for Charles’ job as an “Indian Agent.” They traveled in November by horse and boat BEFORE roads or cars. Documented by Sarah as archived at the Smithsonian, her words were used to tell this story!

6. Find bigfoot and his friends

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2. Why is this area called "the graveyard of the Pacific"?

Get the juicy details of seafaring this dangerous stretch of the Pacific. And learn about Quinault native, Sampson Johns; the skills he mastered and used to save lives, the congressional medal of honor he received in the late 1800s — and — his hidden burial site. Click for the full story.

3. History?! Yup, we have (lots) of that!!

Is this an epic adventure or just a story? More than likely its both — the Hidden Byway is full off good reads! Ready? Set… Let’s go time travel, shall we?!

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7. Hidden Byway Instagram moments 📸

Spoiler Alert: this story contains a pint of Guinness that you can walk through. Heck ya! Show me!

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